How To Make A ‘Modest’ Crop Top

I’m rubbish at sewing, and most things society think a woman should be good at (including tiding anything). Disregarding this, I took my hand to recreating a top I bought from a charity shop for £2. It was like a doctor’s shirt to start with, so I decided to make it a little more ‘wearable’ because I loved the pattern.  The most difficult thing about this is threading a needle with fat fingers.

Original Top

1. Decide the length of your top, any length from visible stomach wobble to visible knobbly knees. Draw a dash with tailors chalk where you want to chop. Lay the top on a flat surface and use a ruler to draw a line across the top, one inch below the desired length. Using fabric scissors, cut along the line – it doesn’t matter if it’s messy.

Cut Top

2. Turn the top inside out and fold up the bottom to the desired length (I’m saying that too often). If the fabric is thin, fold the excess fabric in again towards the crease. Go along pinning the fabric in place as you do this. Pinned Top

3. Iron over the hem – the fold we just created, so that the crease is more defined and easier to work with. Here, you can either tack with big stitches to hold the hem in place, or keep the pins in if you don’t mind being pricked every two seconds.

4. Thread the needle and using simple stitches, go around the hem to sew it in place. To begin, tie a knot in one end of the thread and chop the excess as close to the knot as possible. Insert the needle while the top is still inside out, so the knot will not be visible.

5. I used white thread, but use which ever colour compliments the top most. As you will be able to see the stitching using this method, ensure it is neat unless you are going for a messy look. I like the stitch showing, because I find it adds interest to the top.

Final TopMe in Top


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