Floating Along On A Big Blue Whale Under The Sea.

Have you ever felt like you’re watching the world through a sheet of glass, maybe even the beer goggles schools use to teach us how to be drunk? And you, you’re watching yourself from the eyes of others – it’s a cliché for a reason. It’s when you’re sad. No, excited. Wait…nervous? I don’t know.

I’d say it’s worry, but what’s the point in worrying? Life goes on with or without you, no matter your so called ‘mental state’. You get no time to consider what the bloody hell is going on. It makes me giggle really, everybody is such a drama queen when it comes to change! Some panic and become a ball of destruction, a bit like the impression my Dad does of me walking into the house after they’ve been sorting it for days (sorry). But that’s not my ‘coping mechanism’, that’s just me being me – I like to call it being creative.

Most are guilty of pulling all of the attention, sympathy, excitement and sadness out of the people around them. Or they think they are, but unless that person actually cares, they’re really thinking ‘face look bovvered?’.

Change is just damn weird. Just plaster a cheesy grin on those chubby cheeks, and eat a chocolate hobnob.