If you look at my forehead, you'll notice my lack of fringey-ness.
If you look at my forehead, you’ll notice my lack of fringy-ness.

My name is Sofia. I am, as the French like to say, ‘petite’ at 5″ 2″…but I prefer to call it ‘normal’. I have a fringe, and often get called Fringy, which strangely I think suits me. I often wear baggy shirts and ripped jeans, a bit of a grunge…mainly homeless look. My freckles come out in the sun, and my eyes are a ‘murky lake’ grey.

My blog is called ‘The Pretty Picture’ because I would like to talk about the ‘pretty picture’ that is my life. I also want to blog about my art, I’d call the name a win-win situation.

Art and Photography are my passion, and have been since I was a wee kid. I believe a piece of art shouldn’t be valued on net worth, more personal worth, how it makes YOU feel. You can stroll past a piece of artwork and barely notice it, whereas others catch your eye and make you want to stare for hours. These are the ones worth something to you. These are the ones I hope to create.

In my opinion the best song of all time is ‘Come on Eileen‘ by Dexys Midnight Runners. I’d like to say I heard it first somewhere really cool like a record store, but really I heard it first in the film, ‘Perks of being a Wallflower’. Although, my knowledge of 80’s music is more than the average Joe’s, due to many hours of listening to Absolute 80’s on the radio dancing around the kitchen with Ginny.

Ginny’s the dog by the way, a troublesome ginormous golden retriever. She’s hit a car at high-speed, and only the car was damaged. I’ve got an aviator wearing boyfriend, who reckons himself a Maverick from Topgun. I often get told to ‘talk to me Goose’. I have to say, it’s never where I am that makes me happy, it’s the people I’m with.


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